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Nuvola di Pecora

Nuvola di Pecora

from Italy by Mitica
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Nuvola di Pecora

Nuvola di Pecora is Italian for sheep’s cloud, and that perfectly describes this creamy, velvety sheep’s milk cheese. Each square is mild and sweet with subtle notes of sheep's milk flavor. Each bite fills the mouth completely, which is why the cheesemakers describe it as “like biting into a cloud.” The aromas aren’t pungent and remind you of fresh mushrooms and humid caves. This rustic style cheese won Gold at the 2010 World Cheese Championships.

Created by family-owned L’Antica Cascina, Nuvola di Picora is the result of decades of experimentation with sheep’s milk cheeses. In the early 2000s, the cheesemakers acquired established, centuries-old wine cellars that allow their cheeses to age in an optimal environment. At 30 days, Nuvola di Pecora is perfectly aged to create a thin rind and soft inner paste.

Try it as part of your next cheese or charcuterie board for some award-winning prestige at your next gathering. Jazz up any fresh summer salad with a little crumbled over the top. Nuvola di Picora pairs well with lighter, fruity wines like Pinot Noir or Chardonnay or even sparkling wines. Be sure not to overpower it with intense wines high in tannins. Beer lovers can pair this cheese with a light Saison.

This cheese is another quality imported product from Mitica. Since 1998, Mitica has established itself as the premier source for fine Mediterranean foods. They cultivated and maintained lasting relationships with local producers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia to provide the most creative, award-winning products on the market. The company consistently site-visits and even developed its own Foreign Supplier Verification Program to ensure quality control. As a brand of Forever Foods, you can trust Mitica to continue their lasting commitment to importing amazing, quality products.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt, enzymes. Rind not edible.
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