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Sheep Cheese

Sheep's milk (also known as "ewe's milk cheese") has a nice subtle flavor. Sheep milk cheese types are richer in fat than cow's milk, higher in calcium and vitamin E, AND are suitable for people that are lactose intolerant. Which is great, but we love sheep's milk cheeses because it includes some of our faves: Manchego, Pecorino and Roquefort.
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Manchego - 12 Months
from Spain by Mitica
A smooth and fruity raw milk Manchego cheese aged one year.
Bianco Sardo Italian Cheese | Gourmet Food World
from Italy
A sharp, full flavored sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia that's dry and crumbly but also beautifully oily. Perfect for pasta, pizza and panini.
Petit Basque
from France by Istara
A mild and buttery sheep's milk cheese from the French Basque Pyrenees that's the perfect addition to a cheese board.
Paski Sir
from Croatia by Paska Sirana d.d. Pag
from Italy by Il Fortero
An Italian semi-soft cheese with white truffle shavings.
Miticrema - Fromage Blanc
from Spain by Mitica
The Spanish version of Fromage Blanc, similar to cream cheese but made with sheep's milk.
Pecorino with Black Pepper
from Italy by Rustico
Perail de Brebis
from France by Papillon
A gooey, velvety and fudgy sheep's milk cheese from Averyon, France, with a delicate fragrance and bold flavor.
Ricotta Salata
from Italy by Fulvi
Manchego Cheese Aged 5 Months
from Spain by Mitica
Pecorino Romano - Premium
from Italy by Sini Fulvi
Brebirousse D'Argental
from France by La Tradition du Bon Fromage
A sumptuous sheep's milk cheese with an incredibly rich, velvety and creamy texture, and a delicious mild flavor.
Cana de Oveja
from Spain by Montesinos
A velvety, dense and delicious soft-ripened log-shaped sheep's milk cheese from Murcia, Spain.
Pecorino Toscano - DOP
from Italy
Sheep's Milk Cheese Sampler | Gourmet Food World
by Gourmet Food World
A delightful sampler of some of the best sheep's milk cheese in the world, this assortment is an introduction to a unique category.
Fiore Sardo
from Italy by Mitica
Secret de Compostelle
from France by Agour
Cacio Di Roma
from Italy by Buonatavola Sini
Idiazabal, Smoked
from Spain
from Spain by Granja Rinya, Mitica
A delicious Spanish sheep's milk cheese with a smooth and buttery profile, and a lingering flavor of butterscotch.
Nuvola di Pecora
from Italy
from Spain
Naked Pruner - Washed Soft Sheep Cheese
from United States by Crown Finish Caves
A creamy and dense sheep's milk cheese rubbed with artisan stout ale aged in Brooklyn.
Essex Manchego - 6 Months
from Spain by Finca Sierra de la Solana
Pecorino Gessato - Organic
from Italy by Fattoria Lischeto
Ossau Iraty Reserve, AOP - Aged 6 Months
from France by Caves Bearnaises
Fiore Sardo, Smoked - Organic
from Italy by Caseificio Sias
Pecorino Maschio - Organic
from Italy by Fattoria Lischeto
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