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Point Reyes Cheese

In their lush farm in Northern California, The Giacomini family raises their herd of 500 Holstein cows. Point Reyes is known for their unique organic raw milk Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, an award-winning creamy blue with rich and unique flavors. They also produce a fantastic hand pulled mozzarella and a rustic Stilton-style blue called Bay Blue that’s won several awards. Their pastures are certified organic, and they make their blue Point Reyes Cheese from their own milk. Therefore, their American blue cheese is an authentic farmstead cheese.
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Point Reyes Blue Cheese
from United States by Point Reyes

Creamy, sweet, and strong, this blue cheese is made with raw cow’s milk harvested on their own farm.

Bay Blue - Crumbles
from United States by Point Reyes
Bay Blue
from United States by Point Reyes
A fantastic farmstead blue cheese, Bay Blue is a rustic reinterpretation of the classic Stilton, with a mellow flavor and fudgy texture.
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