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Dutch Cheese

Cheese is as much a part of the Dutch identity in our mind as clogs, windmills, and tulips, and it’s no wonder! They have been responsible for some of the most popular cheese varieties in the world, and continue to produce and export more than any other country! At Gourmet Food World, we love the mild buttery flavors and smooth sliceable textures of a good Gouda or Edam cheese, but equally adore the spice heavy, cumin-rich Leyden, and the mild, yet aromatic Delft Blue. A true celebration of all the Netherlands has to offer, browse through our complete selection of delightful Dutch cheeses today!
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L'Amuse Signature Gouda - 2 Years
from Netherlands by Fromagerie L’Amuse
A Gouda like no other that is superbly rich in flavor and bursting with nutty aromas.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Midnight Moon
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
An aged goat cheese with a caramel flavors and a lovely lady on the label.
Lamb Chopper
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
A fabulous aged sheep's milk cheese versatile enough for a cheese board or a grilled cheese sandwich.
Wilde Weide Gouda - 15 Months
from Netherlands by L'Amuse
from Netherlands
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The Dutch have a long cheesemaking tradition that can be traced back centuries and is still going strong to this day, with Holland being the number one cheese exporting nation in the world! This reputation has been achieved thanks in large part to Dutch cheeses close association with high quality, excellent value, and a mild flavor profile that is widely pleasing to most palates. In other words, they’ve achieved a trifecta of perfection that most cheesemakers only dream of.

So how is it that the Netherlands came to be one of the greatest cheese producers in the world? A lot of their success comes from their singularly perfect geographical location. With a complimentary climate for dairy farming and a soil ultra-rich in nutrients, thanks to its proximity to the sea, the Dutch are able to produce far more cheese than other countries of a similar size and meet the world’s high demand for their popular cheese varieties. With multiple cheese trading markets and museums devoted to the subject, it’s easy to see that the Netherlands takes its dairy products very seriously.

Some of our favorite Dutch cheeses include the ever-popular Edam with its buttery, lightly salty flavor. Gouda, Holland's most popular cheese and the variety responsible for half the cheese exportation in the country, and the sweet and nutty Maasdammer, with its signature domed shape and large holes. The list of fantastic Dutch options goes on interminably, and you’ll find many of them here are Gourmet Food World!

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