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Mitica is one of the biggest importers of fine gourmet cheeses in the United States, Mitica is part of Forever Cheese, an American specialty food importer based out of Long Island, NY that focuses on Mediterranean specialties. Their product experts and buyers (also their owners) hand-select every cheese in their carefully curated collection. Our selection of their Mediterranean cheeses features beloved Spanish cheeses like Spanish Drunken Goat, a superb 12-month aged Manchego, and a delicious Italian Fontal. 
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Drunken Goat
from Spain by Mitica
A lovely purple rind and a smooth flavor makes this goat cheese perfect for a cheese plate.
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Manchego - 12 Months
from Spain by Mitica
A smooth and fruity raw milk Manchego cheese aged one year.
Miticrema - Fromage Blanc
from Spain by Mitica
The Spanish version of Fromage Blanc, similar to cream cheese but made with sheep's milk.
Manchego Cheese Aged 5 Months
from Spain by Mitica
from Spain by Mitica
A lush and moist goat cheese from Spain with fresh lemony notes.
Fontal - 1/4 Wheel
from Italy by Mitica
A buttery and soft Italian cow's milk cheese perfect for melting.
Fiore Sardo
from Italy by Mitica

Originating in the Bronze Age, this semi-soft cheese is sweet, nutty, smoked and full of flavor!

Caciotta al Tartufo Truffled Cheese
from Italy by Mitica

Loaded with flavorful black truffles, this isn’t your typical truffled cheese. Caciotta al Tartufo is aged, tasty truffle cheese done the true Italian way.

from Italy by Mitica
Valdeon Blue
from Spain by Mitica
An assertive, creamy blue cheese wrapped in Sycamore leaves, from Spain.
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from Spain by Mitica

This unique sheep’s milk cheese is one of the most flavorful that Catalonia offers!

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