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Fromagerie Rouzaire is a French cheese producer with a tradition that goes back three generations of cheesemakers from the Rouzaire family. The creamery is located in the Brie region of France, and the milk used is collected daily from 20 local farmers. Fromagerie Rouzaire uses time-tested traditional techniques, like hand-molding on natural straw mats and hand-slicing curds. The Rouzaire line includes AOC selections like Fougerous, Brie de Meaux, Brillat Savarin, Camembert and other specialties of the Brie region.
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Fougerus Coulommier
from France by Rouzaire
A creamy artisan French cheese similar to Brie, with notes of mushrooms.
Brillat Savarin 75%
from France by Rouzaire
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