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Leaf-Wrapped Cheese

Besides the aesthetic appeal, wrapping cheese in leaves serves the purpose of a natural packaging, preserving the moisture of the cheese, but also infusing it with the distinct aroma and flavor of the leaf used. You can find the tradition of leaf-wrapping cheeses in Italy, Spain, France, and many other countries, from chevres like Banon wrapped in chestnut, to blues like Valdeon encased in Sycamore, or hard cheeses like Pecorino di Noce, rolled in Walnut leaves. They're a great unique and standout option to add to the cheeseboard, especially for the fall.
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from United States by Capriole
Pecorino Foglie di Noci in Walnut Leaves
from Italy
A delicious version of the traditional sheep's milk Pecorino cheese, wrapped in walnut leaves.
Rogue Creamery's Rogue River Blue
from United States by Rogue Creamery
on sale
Valdeon Blue
from Spain by Mitica
An assertive, creamy blue cheese wrapped in Sycamore leaves, from Spain.
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