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Consider Bardwell

The very first cheese-making co-op in Vermont! The name comes from its founder, Consider Stebbins Bardwell, who started the co-op in 1864. The coop specializes in small-batch artisan cheeses made by hand using the milk from local goats and cows. The milk is antibiotic and hormone free, just sweet and fresh, right from the udder to the vats. The cheeses are name for historic villages, like Dorset, a buttery raw cow’s milk cheese,; Manchester, a raw goat’s milk mountain tomme and Pawlet, an Italian-style cheese aged for 4-6 months.
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from United States by Consider Bardwell
A complex, earthy and savory artisan cow's milk cheese from Vermont, made from the milk of grass-fed Jersey cows.
from United States by Consider Bardwell
A mellow, buttery artisan Italian-style cheese that made from raw milk by a co-op in Vermont.
from United States by Crown Finish Caves
A bright and lemony raw goat and cow's milk cheese from Vermont, aged to perfection in Brooklyn.
from United States by Consider Bardwell
A rich goat’s milk cheese from a small farmstead in Vermont, packed with flavor and a firm texture.
from United States by Consider Bardwell
A raw goat's milk tomme made in Vermont, injected with cream for a texture that's firm, dense and delicious.
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