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Paski Sir

Paski Sir

from Croatia by Paska Sirana d.d. Pag
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4.5 lbs (whole wheel) (pre order*) chilled $38.25 $172.12 5943203
2 x 4.5 lbs (whole wheels) (pre order*) chilled $34.42 $309.78 5943204

Paski Sir

Outside of Croatia, this cheese has little recognition, so let us introduce you to Paksi Sir by Paska Sirana. This award-winning hard cheese from the island of Pag is salty, tangy, and definitely savory but balanced by subtle, sweet notes that come from the sheep’s milk. Each wheel is made with milk from the indigenous sheep on the island that feed on naturally salted vegetation. The salt and aromatic herbs that go into their diet find their way into this full-flavored cheese.

Cheesemakers take special care when making Paksi Sir as the island’s sheep (known as Paška Ovca) are low-yielding, and one wheel requires the milk from about 10-12 sheep. As the cheese ages over a year, the paste dries out and crystals form inside, making it very crumbly and grainy in texture. The aging also helps bring out the sweetness in the sheep’s milk, which creates a butterscotch flavor towards the end of every bite. The finished product is a world-class cheese perfect on any table.

Enjoy Paksi Sir in the traditional Croatian way by serving slices with high-quality olive oil drizzled over the top. Add it to your next cheese or charcuterie board with some sweet fruits or crumble over a fresh salad. Paksi Sir pairs well with full bodied wines like merlot or cabernet Sauvignon.

Paska Sirana started as a company in 1992 but established itself as an agricultural cooperative in 1946. Paksi Sir is the oldest cheese on the island of Pag, but other creations revealed themselves over the years through the hard work and dedication of the company. They’ve won dozens of international cheese awards over the years, including many from the World Cheese Awards. In 2008, the company built a modern dairy processing and production facility to comply with EU standards. Discover Paksi Sir by Paska Sirana in our store and get a little taste of the Island of Pag today.

Ingredients: 51% milk fat in dry matter. Pasteurized sheep's milk, cheese cultures, salt, rennet. Aged 1 year sheep's milk cheese.
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