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Pistachios, Raw and Shelled

Pistachios, Raw and Shelled

from United States by Gourmet Imports
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Pistachios, Raw and Shelled

Pistachios can be recognized by their creamy hard shell, mauve skin, and green nut. Pistachio nuts must be shelled before being enjoyed. These unsalted shelled pistachios are delivered prepped and ready to be enjoyed raw, or cooked into your favorite dishes. Save time and mess with these already shelled pistachios.

Pistachios have a bold and distinctive flavor enjoyed around the world. Originating in Central Asia and the Middle East, pistachios are popular in many Mediterranean cuisines, especially Italian and Turkish. California is a major grower of Pistachios for the United States.

Popular dishes that are enhanced with the pistachio nut flavor include pistachio ice cream, baklava, pistachio biscotti, mortadella cold cuts, pistachio turkish delight, and pistachio paste for pastries and cakes. Many sweet dishes can be enhanced by crushing pistachios and sprinkling them on top as a garnish.

Store raw pistachios in the refrigerator for best flavor and longest shelf life.

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Are these pistachios salted?
A: These pistachios are unsalted.

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