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Dry Sea Scallops

Dry Sea Scallops

from United States
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Dry Sea Scallops

While we love a good crab leg, shrimp scampi, or lobster thermidor, scallops are by far our favorite! Boasting an addictively subtle sweet taste, our scallops have the perfect combination of yielding interior and crunchy caramelized crust. Whether you sear, grill, steam, or simply swirl them into pasta, our luxurious dry scallops are certain to be your new go-to when fixing dinner!

There are two ways scallops are prepared and sold on the market: dry and wet ( also known as “soaked”). Wet scallops, in contrast to dry, are saturated in a bath of phosphates before being packaged. During this soaking, the scallops absorb a large amount of sodium tripolyphosphate, adding to their water weight and later to their retail value. The moisture evaporates during the cooking process leaving soaked scallops withered and small and significantly chewier in texture. Easy to spot soaked scallops are very plump and white and visibly swollen from their bath.

Dry scallops, on the other hand, are simply natural scallops unadulterated with any sorts of liquids or phosphates, they are a lovely tan shade and are generally considered to be superior in all ways to their wet counterparts. Caramelizing beautifully in the pan their flavor is more pronounced and boasts and distinctly sweet finish. Soaked options, in turn, often have watery or even soapy characteristics.

Instead of paying for inferior tasting scallops and excess water, look to Gourmet Food World for high-quality gourmet dry scallops. Sourced from sustainable fisheries right here in the United States, our scallops are not only some of the most delicious, but they are also an environmentally conscious choice, that you can feel good about making!

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: What are dry scallops and how are they different than regular sea scallops
A: There are two ways the scallops are handled and sold: soaked (wet) or dry.
Soaked scallops are shucked directly into a bath of phosphates. This process helps preserve the scallops for a longer time, but it also results in them absorbing water and plump up. This will result in the scallops having a tougher texture and being less flavorful.
Dry scallops are shucked into a dry container, with no water or preservatives. Their flavor is more pure and concentrated. They have a shorter shelf-life, but they will also be fresher.


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