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Shrimp - Precooked, Tail On

from Thailand
10 lbs - extra large, 21-25/lb frozen $18.68 $186.81 4807201
10 lbs - large, 31-40/lb frozen $13.38 $133.75 4807202

Shrimp - Precooked, Tail On

With passion and commitment to doing things better at the center of everything we do, we’re proud to be offering you a truly superior gourmet shrimp option. Our quality products are made from plump and tasty fresh shrimp. Lightly steamed until they reach that tantalizing pink color, they are cooked to the perfect doneness every time. Yielding and succulent and not a bit bouncy or rubbery. Boasting a fresh sweet taste, our precooked shrimp is the perfect addition to your next seafood cocktail, ceviche, or hors d'oeuvres platter.

Each package of our delightful cooked shrimp is bursting with full-bodied flavor, with a decidedly sumptuous taste, our shrimp are positively luxurious. With special attention paid to every detail of production, these shrimp are harvested, cleaned, cooked, and packaged with extreme care. Hand cleaned, checked, and packed, each shrimp is examined to ensure it is of high quality and consistent size. Meeting strict specifications, every package of shrimp sent out from the facility has been checked and rechecked during processing, quality control, and then again while it’s being graded. All these extra steps and precautions result in you receiving a truly superior quality shrimp every time you order!

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