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Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails

from Brazil
3 oz tail frozen $29.16 $29.16 4804803
5 oz tail frozen $34.14 $34.14 4804804
9 oz tail frozen $57.48 $57.48 4804805
12-14 oz tail frozen $109.20 $109.20 4804806
10 lbs, 12/14 oz tails frozen $73.88 $738.81 4804802
10 lbs - 6 oz tails frozen $85.55 $855.50 4804801

Lobster Tails

Captured from the cold ocean depths, our lobster tails are frozen at the peak of freshness. Straight from the briny waters, all their delightful sweet flavors are locked in thanks to our signature flash-freezing process. Individually wrapped to ensure top quality in each tail, our lobster boasts not only superior flavor but premium restaurant grade appearance as well!

Our lobster tails are MSC certified, meaning that they are caught in a sustainable and environmentally friendly method. Owing part of their fantastic pure flavor to the fact that they are sourced from a pure, clean environment, much of what makes these crustaceans truly special is the volcanic waters they’re taken from. A natural filtration process occurs in these areas of the ocean, leading to cleaner, brighter tasting fish, and these crustaceans are no exception!

Boasting a sweet clean flavor our lobster tails start with deep blue-green shells and tender light pink, almost translucent flesh. Once cooked, however, they transform into the bright red shells and snow-white flesh we’re accustomed to seeing. With their signature firm flesh, small flake, and low-fat content, lobster is one of the healthiest ways to indulge.

Boiled or steamed, we love these delightful crustaceans for their delightfully buttery taste, and we’re certain you will too! Sold frozen in ten-pound containers, you’re going to love the look and taste of these unparalleled lobster tails. Order today, and thanks to our overnight shipping options, receive them as soon as tomorrow!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Are these considered warm water tails?
A: Yes. These are Brazilian warm water lobster tails.

A: These are Brazilian lobster tails.

Q: are the lobster tails shipped frozen in dry ice, are they frozen when you received them or partially thawed, how can you tell if they are safe and have not start to gone bad? they are not cheap, if you have a probem can they be returned or do you received a full credit???? please reply
A: These Lobster Tails are frozen. They are shipped frozen, with dry ice, so they will arrive frozen as well. If anything happens to them while in transit that can cause them to go bad we can replace them or issue a refund for them.

Q: Is there any difference in taste or tenderness between the 12-14oz and 6 oz tails?
A: The taste will be the same, however the bigger the lobster get, the tougher the meat is. The smaller tails will thus be more tender.

*Product Pricing and Weight Specifications

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4804803 3 oz tail N/A - fixed weight/price $29.16
4804804 5 oz tail N/A - fixed weight/price $34.14
4804805 9 oz tail N/A - fixed weight/price $57.48
4804806 12-14 oz tail N/A - fixed weight/price $109.20
4804802 10 lbs, 12/14 oz tails N/A - fixed weight/price $73.88
4804801 10 lbs - 6 oz tails 9.00 lbs. - 11.00 lbs. $85.55


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