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Snow Crab Clusters

Snow Crab Clusters

from Canada
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Snow Crab Clusters

From the cold yet fruitful ecosystem of the Bering Sea, the Opilio Snow Crab is the most common and important species of Snow Crab, prized for its rich, delicate flavor and firm, hearty texture. The Alaska snow crab fishery takes place from January to April, with each crab caught in traps or "pots" on the seabed at depths of 30 feet to 1500 feet.

Buy crabs online from our store for prompt, ice-chilled delivery of this delicious crab meat. These Snow Crab Clusters consist of four sets of legs (as opposed to King Crab's three pairs) along with two claw arms. Each cluster is removed from the crab, cooked, chilled, frozen and finally glazed before being packaged and delivered to your door.

Because they are prepared using a freshwater chilling process, they offer sweeter, less salty meat than most other snow crab meats. They are also smaller and less red than king crabs. Buy crab legs and saute, steam, broil, bake or grill for delicious results, best eaten with a side of butter and lemon, or in salads or soups. Snap, eat and enjoy!

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