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Swordfish Steaks, Skin On

Swordfish Steaks, Skin On

from United States
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Swordfish Steaks, Skin On

Often described as being “meaty,” swordfish is a popular favorite even among those who don’t care for fish. The firm texture of swordfish steaks and the delicate savory flavor make this particular fish easy to handle in the kitchen and make it especially good for pairing with robust marinades and sauces. The finished result is a moist and succulent fish with a true meat-like texture.

Sold as “steaks,” swordfish has a firm, meaty character that makes it particularly well suited for the grill. While other more delicate fish will fall apart, creating a mess and sticking to the grating swordfish is easily handled, and the incredible taste makes it a favorite all year round. When deciding how long to cook swordfish, simply treat it as you would a beef steak, cooking it on relatively high heat to sear the outside and only leaving it on the pan or grill for three or four minutes in order to maintain a rare interior.

Excellent in stews and chowders, that same texture stands up well even to long cooking, leaving you with hearty chunks of swordfish even after hours in the pot. Avoid poaching or deep frying, and instead, stick to quick sautéeing or searing.

Arriving frozen your swordfish steaks will keep well for three to four months well wrapped in the freezer, but should not be held much longer, as the delightful texture characterizing this special fish will begin to deteriorate.

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Why is the skin still on ? Can you eat the skin ? Thank You !
A: Swordfish skin is edible but very thick and leathery. We recommend to not eat the skin. It is kept on mostly to retain moisture while cooking and to keep the meat tender.


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