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Gourmet Food WorldSeafoodFresh FishBigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade
Bigeye Tuna Portion, Grade #2, Skin Off

Bigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade

from French Polynesia
8 oz portion chilled $22.18 $22.18 4800801
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Bigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade

Characterized as having a mild yet meaty, flavor Bigeye tuna is one of our personal favorites. Often compared to Yellowfin for its similarity in appearance, the Bigeye has a significantly higher ratio of fat, making it preferred among fish connoisseurs and sashimi lovers. With a firm, moist flesh, this fish cooks up quickly, rendering delicious large flaky steaks.

Sustainably managed and responsibly harvested, our Bigeye tuna, is not only the delicious choice but the environmentally conscious one. Bigger than Skipjack and Albacore but smaller than the famed Bluefin, they reach somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5 feet at full maturity. A highly migratory fish, Bigeye is found anywhere from the seas of Southern Nova Scotia to French Polynesia. Surviving and thriving in a wide range of climates means their delightful steaks are available year-round.

From poke bowls to tuna burgers, Bigeye is delightful prepared in a number of ways. Whether you decide to marinate them first or simply sear as is, you won’t be disappointed in the superior quality of our delightful Bigeye tuna! Sourced from some of the finest specimens available on the market our tuna is expertly butchered into individual eight-ounce steaks. Generously portioned, this one cut can be enjoyed as is or divided to provide enough fish for two!

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