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Gourmet Food WorldSeafoodFresh FishTrue North Salmon Portion, Skin On
True North Salmon Portion, Skin On

True North Salmon Portion, Skin On

from Canada
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True North Salmon Portion, Skin On

If you’re looking for a tasty, sustainable, and traceable salmon, look to Gourmet Food World! Delicate in texture and buttery in flavor, our salmon portions have a smooth firm flesh that cooks up into a large, delicately flaked fillet perfect for so many recipes and flavor profiles.

Sourced from the frigid waters of Canada’s region of New Brunswick, the pristine waves are home to some of the finest salmon in the world! As the fish swim up the Atlantic coast, they are captured using open sea aquaculture enclosures, providing us with fresh sustainably sourced salmon year-round. Only harvesting fish that have reached 18 - 24 months of age, our salmon fillets are always of a consistent size and a high quality. Certified BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) our salmon is not only the most delicious choice but also an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

To ensure that our fish is always the freshest it can be, our salmon is harvested to order. This process creates fish that are butchered daily, all year round, and ends in you receiving salmon a week faster and a week fresher than from other sources. But don’t take our word for it, simply taste our fish for yourself. Still bursting with the briny flavors of the sea, the difference is obvious!

Available in 8-ounce fillets, our salmon still have the skin on. This helps retain as much moisture during cooking as possible. Expertly butchered, you’ll find firm beautiful pieces of fish that have been handled masterfully instead of the torn flesh and ragged edges of fish that was clumsily cut by a sloppy butcher. This exacting nature and attention to detail help ensure that each of your fillets cooks evenly and looks beautiful on the plate.

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: North Salmon portion is this one 8oz piece?
A: This is one single 8 oz piece of salmon, however if you'd like a different portion size we can also accommodate that on this item.  Just let us know.

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