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Red Wine Vinegar - Junipper Barrel Aged

Red Wine Vinegar Aged in Juniper Barrels

from Italy by San Giacomo
1 bottle - 8.43 fl oz room temp $19.17 $19.17
6 bottles - 8.43 fl oz ea room temp $17.24 $103.44

Red Wine Vinegar Aged in Juniper Barrels

This rare vinegar from Acetaia San Giacomo is part of their special edition vinegars, the fantastic result of the creative experimentation and know-how of Adrea Bezzechi, owner and vinegar maestro.

The vinegar begins like any traditional red wine vinegar produced from Barbera grapes from Reggio Emilia. It’s acetified slowly and naturally, never using heat, the flavors and aromas coaxed out artfully and patiently. After the vinegar is obtained, it is transferred to large Juniper barrels (as opposed to the traditional oak used by San Giacomo). This intense wood adds a new layer of flavor and aroma to the vinegar, certain spiciness and deep notes of incense. It’s never diluted with water – just pure, delicious fine vinegar.

This particular vinegar is fantastic when paired with venison and other game meats, salmon dishes or even to drizzle as a surprising finishing touch to a drink.

Acetaia San Giacomo is a vinegar and wine producer in the balsamic mecca of Reggio Emilia. The acetaia is helmed by lawyer-turned-vinegar-maker Andrea Bezzecchi, a fierce defendant of authentic Italian vinegar. He produces his award-winning vinegars using traditional methods like slow, natural fermentation, with an obsessive attention to detail and quality. His vinegars are made just like a fine wine – with care, patience and respect of the traditions.

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