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Aceto Da Amphora - White Wine Vinegar

White Wine Vinegar Aged in Clay Amphora

from Italy by San Giacomo
1 bottle - 8.43 fl oz room temp $19.17 $19.17
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White Wine Vinegar Aged in Clay Amphora

Taking tradition to heart, Andrea Bezzecchi, owner of Acetaia San Giacomo, takes his finest white wine vinegar and rather than aging it in the traditional oak casks, he digs deep into ancient roots and matures it in large clay amphora. The lack of wood flavor gives the vinegar a refreshing brightness and purity, a new, refined taste and a minerality that is usually opaqued by the wooden casks.

San Giacomo imports their amphorae from Georgia, where the tradition of bottling in clay is said to have originated. For this unique vinegar they carefully selected a natural white wine made of Garganega grapes produced by Angiolino Maule, a pioneer winemaker from Veneto who eschews the use of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides in his vineyard – a purist of wine.

The fruity, citrusy and sweet flavor of the Garganega grapes shine when not overwhelmed with wood, making this vinegar a true delight to use in salad dressing and bright vinaigrettes.

Part of their special edition vinegars, this White Wine Vinegar Aged in Anfora is the fantastic result of the creative experimentation and know-how of Andrea Bezzechi, owner of Acetaia San Giacomo and vinegar maestro from Reggio Emilia.

Ingredients: Garganega grapes 8.6% Acidity
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