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8 Delicious Baking Recipes For Fall

by Gourmet Food World
8 Delicious Baking Recipes For Fall

If summer is for grilling, fall is definitely for baking, and we’re so ready! A mix of cooler temperatures and an abundance of late-summer produce has us heading back into the kitchen and tying our apron springs, gladly. We’ve rallied our best baking recipes to make the most of this cool, colorful and delicious time of year. .

Caramel Upside Down Cake

This sweet, moist and just plain delicious cake gives us all the fall baking feels. The cream cheese batter has just enough cinnamon to give it some spice without screaming “it’s fall, must use pumpkin spice!”. The caramel sauce is a blend of cream and maple syrup, with brown sugar and apple cider making it a gorgeous example of what fall should taste like.


If a classic Italian Tiramisu recipe that doesn’t overwhelm with the coffee flavor and isn’t too sickly-sweet is exactly what your fall baking repertoire was needing, then you’ve come to the right place! Our secret (ok, not so secret) tip: we used gelatin powder to hold the shape, so this pretty cake doesn’t fall apart – which means you don’t have to serve it on a baking pan. Plus, we went the extra mile by fully cooking the eggs, making it a safe choice (no raw egg here!).

Brownie Truffles

A moist and fudgy brownie, rolled into a cake pop shape and covered in chocolate ganache? Yes, please! If watching the leaves turn while sipping a cup of pumpkin spice latte is what your fall dreams are made of, we've found the perfect treat to partner with it. These little brownie truffles are perfect to make in a big batch and take to the office - you'll win at fall treat baking for sure.

Love chocolate truffles? View more recipes here!

Classic Biscotti

A great, foolproof biscotti recipe is something that every baker (even the weekend-warrior type) should have in his or her arsenal. Our walnut biscotti recipe is simple and easy, and turns out some deliciously crunchy biscotti that is perfectly firm and crumbly (not tooth-breaking hard). It's the ideal balance of savory-sweet, with the dark chocolate coating giving it that extra dose of indulgence that every baking treat should have.

Chocolate-Dipped Cream Puffs

A classic cream puff is a timeless French patisserie delicacy – and a mark of a true classic baker, in our book! Master this light and delicate pate-a-choux recipe and you can use it for all manner of sweet and savory puffs. In our recipe, we went the traditional route with perfect pastry cream and a touch of chocolate coating.

Apple Crumb Cake

Apples are what fall baking is about, isn’t it? And what greater partner for the star fruit of fall than a buttery crumble? This apple crumb pie has a simple pie crust recipe, but you can use pre-made dough if you’d like to save some time. The apples and the crumble are seasoned to perfection with a touch of cinnamon, so the flavor doesn’t overwhelm. Serve this warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an amazing finish to a fall dinner.

Pecan Bars

Crunchy pecans mixed in with a generous amount of butter and sugar, what’s not to love? The buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the shortbread crust paired with the savory-sweetness and crunch of the pecan topping is addictive, so proceed with caution! It’s the perfect treat to make in a big batch and take as a hostess gift for a holiday party, or to treat your co-workers for a coffee break snack.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

A simple yet foolproof chocolate cupcake batter is matched to a luscious chocolate ganache. Ganache is usually used for chocolate dipping or coating, as it’s liquid when warm and hardens when cold, so the trick to using ganache as a frosting is to whip the eggs and cream first, cool in the fridge, and then combining it with the melted chocolate. Perfection!

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