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Cigarette Wafer Rolls, Butter, 3.75 Inch

Cigarette Wafer Rolls, Butter, 3.75 Inch

from France by Bon Patissier
250 count box room temp   $107.50 $86.00

About Cigarette Wafer Rolls, Butter, 3.75 Inch

Cigarette wafer rolls from France, by Bon Patissier are a delicious wafer cookie made with pure Beurremont 83% French gourmet butter. Beurremont 83% is a rich and creamy French style butter that has a high butterfat content (83%) and low moisture. Cigarette wafer rolls are produced with a special rolling tool that maintains the cookie’s hollow shape while baking.

Because of the high quality of their ingredients, these hollow sugar wafer cookies are crisp and fresh, with a delightful audible crunch when bitten.

Fill these plain rolls with cream to make your own piroulines, or fill them with chocolate, fruit filling, almond paste, cinnamon sweet filling, or peanut butter to create your own sweet snacks. Partner them with ice cream, baked goods, fruit, and coffee drinks.

These waffle wafer rolled cookies have many names like pirouline, pirouette, pizelle, and more, but no matter what you call them they are a delightful staple for any professional pâtipsier.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, milk proteins, Beurremont 83% butter, egg yolks, salt, soy lecithin and natural flavors.
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