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Capers in Salt

Capers in Salt

from France by Brover
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Capers in Salt

Capers are tiny buds loaded with intense salty flavors. They are popular in Mediterranean cuisine and pop up regularly in Italian and Greek recipes.

Capers, also known as baby capers, are actually the small unripe bud from the caper bush, which grows in arid rocky climates in Morocco, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and California. Caper buds are picked by hand and sun-dried. They are loaded with potent flavors that remind us of sour lemons, salty mustard oils, and earthy olives.

These capers were grown in Morocco and packaged by Brover, a family run French company that has specialized in dried fruits, exotic fruits, and fruit ingredients for over 80 years. They have been packed in salt for preservation and to enhance their salty flavor. These baby capers in salt are packaged in a convenient resealable plastic tub for easy use and storage. After opening tub, keep capers refrigerated and use quickly for best flavor.

Use capers as a garnish or as seasoning in salads, pastas, and meat dishes. They are popular in Sicilian and Southern Italian dishes like chicken piccata, spaghetti alla puttanesca, and eggplant caponata. Capers are also commonly used in sauces like tartar, rémoulade, and tonnato sauce. Used as an ingredient, salted capers can instantly add brightness and complexity to any ordinary dish. Be sure to soak and rinse capers before use though, to remove excess salt and brine.

Ingredients: Capers, salt.
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Light and mild, tender Halibut bakes until it delicately flakes off with a fork, paired with a buttery and citrusy sauce that has just enough of a hint of wine, with a wonderful saltiness compliments of the capers.
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