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These delightful little berries are the flower buds of the caper bush, plucked fresh and pickled in brine (salt and water) or vinegar. In a dish, pickled Caperberries add a lovely sour and tangy flavor that adds contrast to many preparations - it's exceptionally good with smoked salmon (matching well to the fattiness of the fish). Our capers for sale are also great as a garnish on meat dishes. 
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by Divina
Intense, salty and fresh, large and plump caperberries are a great garnish.
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Capers Non-Pareil
by Divina
Fresh, tart, pickled caper buds to add to foie gras, smoked salmon, salads and more.
Capers in Salt
from France by Brover
Baby capers packed in salt ideal for Sicilian dishes like eggplant caponata and chicken piccata.
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