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These delightful little berries are the flower buds of the caper bush, plucked fresh and pickled in brine (salt and water) or vinegar. In a dish, they add a lovely sour and tangy flavor that adds contrast to many preparations - it's exceptionally good with smoked salmon (matching well to the fattiness of the fish). Also great as a garnish on meat dishes.
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by Del Destino
Intense, salty and fresh, large and plump caperberries are a great garnish.
from Spain by La Caperelle
Capers in Salt
from Turkey by Roland
Deliciously tart and salty Italian capers preserved in salt.
Capers in Salt
by Brover
Capers Non-Pareil
by Del Destino
Fresh, tart, pickled caper buds to add to foie gras, smoked salmon, salads and more.
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