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Gourmet Food WorldSeafoodAnchoviesColatura di Alici - Fish Sauce
Colatura di Alici

Colatura di Alici - Fish Sauce

from Italy by Scalia
1 bottle - 100 ml room temp $18.49 $18.49
12 bottles - 100 ml ea room temp $16.65 $199.80

Colatura di Alici - Fish Sauce

There are certain ingredients that are so flavorful, so intense, that are on a category of their own: the category of unami. To that mysterious world of intensity of flavor only a few ingredients qualify naturally, and colatura de alici, or fish sauce, is one of them.

Colatura is an Italian fish sauce that’s made with anchovies (another powerfully flavorful ingredient). Much like the Asian fish sauces, Colatura is intense, but simple: anchovies and salt. To make Colatura de Alici, the fillets from anchovies are layered in barrels with salt then left to ferment for years at a time. The liquid that begins to extrude is what we call “colatura” – anchovy sauce, so to speak. This amber liquid is pressed and extracted, filtered several times to get a transparent liquid full of intensity and flavor.

Contrary to what you think, Colatura is not fishy per se, but tastes of a very salty sea. It’s a great ingredient to add to sauces, seafood and fish soups and Cesar dressing to add depth and a burst of flavor. Other typical uses for Colatura de Alici is to finish grilled veggies, roast meats and fish. You can make a classic Italian dish of Spaguetti con la Colatura de Alici. Because Colatura is inherently very salty, adjust the salt requirements of any dish and taste often to find the right balance.

Ingredients: Anchovies and salt
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Does this product have a date beyond which it should be discarded? I believe we will be using this in small quantities and not very often? Thank you for providing the opportunity to ask a question.
A: The Colatura di Alici has a shelf life of 36 months from the production date. It is a shelf stable product, but once it is opened it is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator (2°C - 8°C). It will have a long shelf life even after opening, due to the salt content.


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