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Gourmet Food WorldBaking and PastryCroissants and DanishCinnamon Roll, Apple Pocket, Pain Au Chocolat Mini Danish - 1.25 oz, Unbaked
Lemon Pillow, Almond Bear Claw, Bluberry Pocket - 1.25 oz

Cinnamon Roll, Apple Pocket, Pain Au Chocolat Mini Danish - 1.25 oz, Unbaked

by Café PK
30 total, 10 of each (1.25 oz) frozen $2.23 $66.89
60 total, 20 of each (1.25 oz) frozen $2.01 $120.63
90 total, 30 of each (1.25 oz) frozen $1.92 $172.92
200 count, 1.25 oz ea frozen $1.50 $1.35 $299.48 $269.53

Cinnamon Roll, Apple Pocket, Pain Au Chocolat Mini Danish - 1.25 oz, Unbaked

Enjoy these french pastries from Café PK at your next dessert buffet, wedding, dinner party, or girl’s night in.

All pastries are unbaked. The mini danish pastry pack contains a delightful variety of croissant and puff pastry based desserts. When baked, dough develops a golden flaky crust with a soft interior and rich buttery taste. They are best when baked fresh and served warm. There are three pastry types in this mixed pack: cinnamon rolls, apple pockets, and mini pain au chocolate.

The cinnamon rolls are layers of pastry dough and sweet cinnamon filling spiraled together to form a round little pastry. They are topped with an icing glaze. The apple pocket is a puff pastry similar to a bear claw, but filled with sweet chunky apple fruit filling. They are like bite sized apple pies! Crust is vented to let out steam during baking. Pain au chocolat is a croissant dough pastry wrapped around a stick of rich chocolate which melts decadently when baked.

The frozen French pastries can be enjoyed for breakfast with coffee or juice, or as a snack or dessert later in the day. Unbaked mini danish pastries make an incredibly easy addition to any home, café, or restaurant menu. They store frozen and can be baked fresh quickly.

Ingredients: Dough: Unbleached wheat flour (enriched with malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, ascrobic acid, folic acid), butter (cultured cream), water, sugar, eggs, non fat dry milk, yeast, salt, dough conditioner (dextrose, datem, wheat flour, soybean oil, ascorbic acid, natural enzymes), beta carotine. Filling: Apples, fructose, modified food starch, pectin.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: How long are these good in freezer
A: The shelf life is 4 months kept frozen, tightly packaged as to not get exposed. 

Q: What is the country of origin on this product?
A: The Mini Danish is made in the US.

Q: I bought the cinnamon, Apple, Chocolate Danish a couple days ago, but there are no baking instructions. What temperature and how long?

These are the baking instructions:

1. Remove desired amount of pastries from the box. Reseal the plastic bag of any unused pastries and return the box immediately to the freezer.
2. Place the frozen pastries on a lined baking pan. Do not proof pastries before baking, but bake them directly from freezer to oven.
3.  Bake the pastries in a preheated oven. If your oven is equipped with steam injection, inject 15 seconds of steam at the beginning of the baking cycle. Bake pastries at 400°F (200°C) for about 15 minutes for the mini and small pastries, 17 minutes for the medium and 19 minutes for the large or until a rich and deep golden color is attained.
4. Remove pastries from oven. Allow to cool down for 15 minutes.


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