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Rose Water

Rose Water

from Lebanon by Cortas
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Rose Water

Cortas rose water for sale can be used to flavor pastries, cakes, tea, and savory dishes. Rose water has strong floral notes that pair well with spices like saffron, cardamom, and jasmine; nuts like almonds, pistachios, and coconuts; and fruits like oranges and lemons.

Cortas rose water for sale is popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. It is used in baklava, turkish delight, tea, rice dishes, and more.

Cortas Food Company, a family-owned business from Lebanon, has produced this premium quality rose water since the 1930’s. Starting in 1926 Cortas supplied high-quality fruit preserves to the British Army during WWII. They have persevered through war, political and economic uncertainty, and poor harvests. They strive to produce high quality foods using traditional and natural methods.

Roses for the rose water are sourced in Bekka Valley and are processed without the use of chemicals. Cortas rose water has no preservatives or food colors, and is made using only distilled water and extracts from edible roses such as Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena, and Rosa gallic.

Ingredients: Rose water
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Product Reviews

4 out of 5 stars rating(4.00)1 ratings Log in to rate this item.
4 out of 5 stars ratingMar 04, 2021

Love this rose water coz the taste is quite authentic and not artificial. Its great for macarons.

Mandy from Cypress, TX
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is this product certified as Kosher?
A: The Rose Water from Cortas is not kosher certified.

Q: I've heard people say that rose water is good to use as drops in your eyes. Is this product safe enough to use drops for eyes?
A: This is a product that is sold as a food grade product. For any other uses, especially for the eyes area, we would recommend checking with a medical expert.

Q: Do you make it from simmering petals, or from rose oil? I am having a disagreement with someone over this. Thanks
A: Cortas Rose Water is 100% pure and natural, made from the pink petals of fresh wild roses

Q: If I want to drink cortas rose with a tea,what amount should I put in my tea?
A: 2 or 3 drop is recommended.

Q: Is it organic? I'm afraid of pesticide residue.
A: The Cortas Rose Water is not certified organic. 

Q: Can you use it on your face?
A: Yes, the Rose Water from Cortas can be used on the face as well.

Q: what ingredients are in the rose water
A: The only ingredient listed is rose water, the product does not have anything else added to it.

Q: Does the rose water have sugar.
A: The only ingredient listed is rose water, the product does not have anything else added to it.

Q: After the rose water is opened, how do you store it? In the refrigerator?
A: This product can be stored in a cool, dark place, but may remain potent for longer when stored in the refrigerator.

Rose Water Recipes

Rose Water and Strawberry Sangria Recipe
Sangria is one of the easiest yet sophisticated drinks you can serve to a crowd. Our version of this delicious Spanish drink includes strawberries and rose water, and a bit of champagne. Delicate and aromatic, this is almost like dessert, with a splash of citrusy lime to make it just right. It’s delicious and it looks adorable, perfect for summer and spring events.
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