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Lecite - Soy Lecithin

Lecite - Soy Lecithin

from France by Cuisine Tech
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Lecite - Soy Lecithin

Lecite, also known as Lecithin, is a natural plant extract with an oily substance. It is extracted from soy and is one of the most common food ingredients that you can find. It's purpose is as an "emulsifier", to hold food together, and also prevents dough from sticking. A brand of Paris Gourmet, Cuisine Tech is a complete source for technical and modern cookery ingredients. Buy soy Lecithin emulsifier today!
Ingredients: Lecite powder, soy lecithin.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is it gluten free?
A: Yes. This is gluten free as it does not contains any wheat or wheat derived ingredients.

Q: can the Lecite be used in sponge cakes as stabilizer and to keep the cake more spongy and fluffy?
A: Yes, the Lecite will work perfectly for sponge cake.

Q: Can I use this for whip cream and mousse

The Lecite- Soy Lecithin is not designed to be used with whipped creams and mousses. If you need a stabilizer for whipped cream and mousse recipes, we recommend you use a whipped cream stabilizer. We do have those for purchase as well. Please visit the following page:


Q: Would this keep my homemade soy and other nut and seed milks from separating?
A: Soy Lecithin will indeed emulsify the nut milks, but there is a chance that the milk will still separate when heated. To avoid that is best to test and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Q: is this soy lecithin in a powdered form if it is a powder - would you rate it is a very fine powder ?? thanks for the info Frank Smith Jr.
A: Yes, this is a fine powder.


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