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Selles Sur Cher

Selles Sur Cher

from France by Jacquin
5.25 oz chilled   $12.75

About Selles Sur Cher

A very old and beloved French goat cheese from the Loire Valley region, Selles sur Cher is a small round disc with an ash-coated wrinkly rind that encases a creamy, unctuous paste that oozes deliciously.

This young chevre is made from raw goat’s milk in France, but pasteurized for the American market. It has nothing to envy in flavor or texture to the original, with a creaminess that’s offset by its light and mellow flavor, a pleasant citric tang and aromas with notes of nuts and mushrooms. Near the rind, the snow-white pate of Selles Sur Ser is oozy and creamy, with a more compact and denser texture near the core.

Pair Selles-Sur-Cher with fresh juicy fruit like pears, peaches or plums, a fresh salad, and a French white wine, like Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume, or Sauvignon Blanc or a light Cabernet Franc.

Located in the beautiful Loire Valley of France, Jacquin has been producing some of France's best cheeses since 1947. Four generations of the Jacquin family have supervised the cheese making production, specializing in traditional DPO French cheese chevres. Their goat's milk is sourced locally from 50 farms, all within driving distance to their state-of-the-art facility. Fromagerie Jacquin is still family-owned and run by Pascal and Christian Jacquin, and the fromagerie still uses traditional hand-molding techniques and traditional affinage.

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