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Macarroni Di Busa

Macarroni Di Busa

from Italy by La Casa del Grano
20 packs - 17.5 oz ea room temp $6.46 $129.20 5207902

Macarroni Di Busa

Macarroni owes its name to the tool used in its preparation. In Sardinian, busa means knitting needle, which is what pasta makers wrap the small strips of pasta around to create their shape. Our Macarroni Di Busa by La Casa del Grano is old-style Sardinian pasta with amazing quality. Each strip is made from a rough, spongy dough that is slow dried and the final product has a consistency similar to perciatelli pasta.

Macarroni Di Busa is the perfect pasta for dishes with a heavy meat sauce as it has a lot of protein that will round out anything hearty. You can also use it to beef up a simple tomato sauce as well to give it a little more texture. Many use Macarroni Di Busa to do their own version of classic Italian dishes like pasta carbonara. However you use it, know that you’re cooking with some of the highest quality pasta on the market.

La Casa del Grano began in the 1950s in the Via Pola neighborhood of Cagliari. The Rais family grew their business into a full on industrial operation that produces pasta with artisanal quality. For over 50 years, they’ve led the way in production of old-style Sardinian pasta. Thanks to their amazing staff and innovative machinery, they continue to produce amazing pasta year after year.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water
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