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Delice de Bourgogne

Delice de Bourgogne

from France by Lincet
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Delice de Bourgogne

Created in 1975 by Jean Lincet, Délice de Bourgogne blends full-fat cow’s milk with crème fraîche to create a fluffy, soft-ripened cheese. This triple-creamed delight is rich, whipped, and, of course, very creamy. It’s white, bloomy rind is thin and has a pungent mold that reminds you of fresh mushrooms.

When you move toward the interior, the color turns yellow and buttery, and that’s where you’ll find the flavors of sweet cream. The creaminess is a product of the process as extra butterfat is added to give it a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Each bite has a bit of acidity and tanginess but is balanced nicely in all the cream.

Délice de Bourgogne is a perfect spreadable cheese that can be enjoyed on both bread or crackers. The cheese is certainly scoopable as well. Display it on a any cheese or charcuterie board, or feature it as a standalone cheese. There’s a lot of versatility as it works with breakfast, lunch or dinner as the perfect appetizer or finishing course. Délice de Bourgogne is a high-fat cheese so it pairs well with champagne, ciders or wheat beers.

The Lincet Fromagerie began in 1895 and has since grown into a worldwide favorite. Now in the fifth generation of cheesemaking, Lincet dedicates much of its time and resources into the key ingredient that goes into their wonderful catalog of cheeses: milk. They collect from the same 61 local farmers every day, rain or shine as they have for the past 50 years. Their philosophy is “without milk, there is no cheese.”

Ingredients: Cow's milk, cream, lactic starters, salt, rennet.
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