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Spaghetti Pasta

Spaghetti Pasta

from Italy by Molino e Pastificio
1 pack - 17.5 oz room temp $16.47 $16.47
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Spaghetti Pasta

Spaghetti is the classic pasta known and eaten by all Americans. We see it as an Italian creation, so the best pasta must come from Italy right? What if I told you that you may be wrong about that? Spaghetti Pasta by Molino e Pastificio is some of the best pasta in the world, and it comes from Switzerland. Molino e Pastificio produces their amazing pasta in the same factory they started in over a century ago. The factory is both a mill for their high quality durum wheat and a pasta factory.

There, they use coarsely ground durum and mix it with local spring water that comes from mountain ranges that surround the factory. They dry the pasta very slowly in the mill’s attic that sits at an elevation of 3300 ft., and then workers hand-pack each box of pasta. The pasta itself is nutty and has the perfect elements that allow sauces to coat and cling to every strand. All the ingredients in the pasta contain no GMOs or additives.

Spaghetti pasta isn’t limited to just tomato sauce and meatballs, but with this pasta, it will be your best version yet! Try it in a classic Italian spaghetti alla carbonara or a creamy chicken and mushroom pasta. They’re also a solid substitution for lo mein noodles in a stir fry.

Originally, the building that now runs as the mill and pasta factory for Molino e Pastificio was owned by the convent of the Augustinian nuns of Poschiavo, Switzerland. In 1872, the Fisler family acquired the property and in the early 20th century Samuel Fisler expanded the mill, as a local rail line brought thousands of hungry workers to the area. To this day, the combination mill and pasta factory produces delicious pasta with high-quality ingredients.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water
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