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Salbando - Hot Salami

Salbando Hot Salami

from United States by Red Table
5 lbs chilled $42.48 $212.40 4614702
2 pieces - 5 lbs ea chilled $38.23 $382.30 4614704

Salbando Hot Salami


Hot, hot, hot! This salami brings on the heat.Salbando, by Minneapolis master charcutiers, Red Table Co., is a pork salami seasoned generously with black and red pepper, a touch of garlic and a bit of white wine. Their pork comes from heritage breeds like Berkshire and Tamworh, raised in local farms, coveted for their flavorful meat. This salami is made to emulate the Italian Sopressatta a dry salami from Southern Italy - the meat is ground coarsely with chunks of buttery fat blended in, all encased in a beef middle casing and aged for about 4 weeks.

Salbando has a good amount of heat that lingers on the palate but doesn't burn - just hot enough to warrant a cold brew! Remove the casing to eat, slice thinly and pair with a crusty baguette some mustard and pickles, or chop into cheesy scrambled eggs or a homemade pasta sauce for bold heat.

Working with only a handful of small, sustainable farms in Northeast Minneapolis Red Table Meat Co. produces thoughtfully crafted charcuterie with unmatched freshness and exceptional quality. Their mild, flavorful and mouthwatering salumi is a cult item, and a cut above the rest. Their commitment to sourcing their meat from just a few, handpicked farms means they have close control of the rearing, and they ensure the careful finishing of the animals on with a diet of rich grain and nuts producing a succulent, buttery meat, which in turns makes for out-of-this-world salami. Their selection is thoughtfully crafted and the flavor nothing short of revolutionary.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, sugar, crushed red pepper, black pepper, white wine, garlic, potassium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture. Beef casing.
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