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Calabrese Salame

Calabrese Salami

from United States by Creminelli
3 lbs chilled $19.16 $57.48 4609301
3 pieces - 3 lbs ea chilled $17.26 $155.34 4609302

Calabrese Salami

This Calabrian salami is known in America simply as pepperoni, but please don’t confuse our specialty from Creminelli with the oily versions from the supermarket. This Calabrese salami is pleasantly spicy, without burning off your tongue, seasoned with spicy garlic and red pepper, which are perfectly balanced out by a meaty, fatty texture that sort of slides around the tongue without being greasy. The pork is ground to a medium texture to get a nice, chunky mouthfeel, with little cubes of succulent fat throughout.

Serve this as an upscale alternative to pepperoni over a pizza, as part of a meat platter or antipasto plate, in a sandwich with crusty bread and pair with a nice cold beer. Before serving this salami, make sure to peel back the casing, as it’s not edible. This is really easy to do just by very lightly scoring lengthwise with a knife and peeling back the white peel. Cut Calabrese to about dime-thickness or even a bit thicker for best flavor.

Creminelli Fine Meats, is an Italian-American company helmed by master artisan Cristiano Creminelli, a charcuterie expert with generations of fine Italian charcuterie making to back him up. The company uses animals that are raised in open pens, and never given any antibiotics. You can buy Creminelli's Calabrese Salami online at Gourmet Food World, knowing the love of the craft and the decades of tradition behind it are apparent in every bite of each of this delicious artisan specialty.

Ingredients: made with pork, salt, organic spices, natural flavors, sugars, organic garlic, starter cultures (in collagen casing)
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4609301 3 lbs 2.75 lbs. - 3.25 lbs. $19.16
4609302 3 pieces - 3 lbs ea 8.25 lbs. - 9.75 lbs. $17.26


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