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Preserved Truffles

Once the truffle season is over in France and Italy, those truffles that were left over or didn't make the grade are preserved in a variety of different ways so we can enjoy truffles year round. Those that were too small or had some visual blemishes are preserved and become jarred truffles. Some preserved truffles are left whole in a water and salt solution (brine), and others are peeled, and those peelings canned in a brine solution as well. The end result is a product that brings a truffle flair to your dishes, all year long.
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Black Winter Truffle Peelings
from France by La Truffiere
A great ingredient for garnishing truffle dishes.
Black Summer Truffle Peelings
from Italy by La Truffiere
A perfect garnishing ingredient, Truffle Peelings add a sophisticated visual quality to truffle dishes
Whole Black Winter Truffles - Preserved
from Italy by La Truffiere
When fresh ones just can't be found, experiment with our preserved winter truffles!
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