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Why You Should Make Your Own Halloween Treats

by Gourmet Food World
Why You Should Make Your Own Halloween Treats

Homemade Halloween treats for your party are miles above any junk food you can buy at the store!

Forget manufactured candy bars, plastic and foil-packaged sweets, and take your Halloween food to the next level by making your own treats this year. It’s less expensive – especially if you buy large quantities of baking chocolate and other baking ingredients. Plus, chances are there are a lot of ingredients you already have, which will also save you time and money.

Another advantage of DIY Halloween treats? Fresh, high-quality ingredients. While store-bought candy is filled with stabilizers, preservatives and ingredients that you can’t pronounce, when you make your own you can be sure they’re filled with nothing but the best-quality baking chocolate, fresh vanilla beans and extracts, fresh milk and eggs (not powdered!) and whatever you decide to put into it. So all that money you saved you can actually put to good use by getting the good stuff.

Custom treats - maybe you like white chocolate better than bittersweet, or don’t care much for peanut butter. Perhaps you like your bloodcurdling brownies extra fudgy, and your creepy cookies loaded with chocolate chips. Make vegan and Halloween treats, or gluten-free candy, make it as healthy or as decadent as you want. It's your Halloween kitchen, your treats, your way!

Need more reasons? Making your own Halloween treats is environmentally friendly! There’s no waste – you don’t need to use wasteful wrapping (trust us, the landfills don’t need any more plastic from those single-serve Halloween candy bars), and any leftover ingredients can be stored. Store-bought Halloween candy travels miles to get to you, so you can reduce your carbon footprint by making you own.

Making your own treats is also a fun way to interact with your kids – it’s a good way to get them in the kitchen, besides doing the dishes! It can a bit time consuming, yes, but spending time with your kids, reducing waste, eating fresh…it’s well worth it!


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