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Ravifruit Fruit Purees

Discover our delightful line of French fruit purees by Ravifruit. Each variety is made from an all-natural recipe where the fruit is the star! Ravifruit frozen fruit purees do not have artificial ingredients, just 90%  of fruit pulp and 10% of sugar or 100% of fruit. The fruit is harvested when fully ripe, and you can use these fruit purees for Cocktails or to flavor your favorite frozen fruit desserts like sorbets and ice creams!
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Mandarin Puree
from France by Ravifruit
Sweet mandarins infuse this preparation with flavor and color.
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Papaya Fruit Puree
from France by Ravifruit
Sweet, tropical Papaya pureed with just the right amount of sugar and frozen.
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A French company located in the picturesque Drome Valley in Southern France, Ravifruit has since 1981 dedicated itself to producing natural premium fruit. They work closely their producers, making sure each piece of fruit is picked at its ripest, With over 50 flavors to its name (and counting), they create delicious blends, aided by a team of research and development experts, pastry chefs and mixologists. Ravirfruit takes pride in offering 100% natural frozen fruit purees in practical formats for the food industry professional, helping them create delicious and innovative desserts, cocktails and more. With core values that include respect for nature, matching the fruit to the best region and climate, giving the fruit time to ripen, and prioritizing sustainable farming methods. Their products deliver consistent color, taste and texture, thanks to their knowledge of the fruit and selecting the best varieties for each purpose, and adapting the process for each fruit as needed, using their expertise in fruit preservation and freezing.
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