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Black Cocoa Powder

Black Cocoa Powder

from United States by Noel
1 pail - 3 lbs room temp $40.50 $40.50
6 pails - 3 lbs ea room temp $36.45 $218.70

Black Cocoa Powder

Black Cocoa powder, sometimes called black onyx powder, Dutch cocoa powder, or European style powder, is a pure cocoa powder specially processed to achieve a rich dark color. It has a lower acidity than natural cacao powder, which lets the strong chocolate flavors come through. However, having a lower acid content can affect its interaction with other ingredients, so sometimes a direct substitution between natural cocoa and black cocoa is not possible, or minor adjustments need to be made to the recipe for the chemistry of the dish to remain balanced.

Black onyx cocoa is used as often for the color it provides, as for the deep flavor profile it offers. If you’ve ever tried to make home-made Oreo cookies, and the appearance just didn’t come out right, try again with bittersweet black cocoa powder and be amazed by the beautiful results. With black onyx cocoa, you can achieve a very dark inky appearance. This is a special dark cocoa powder.

In black cocoa powder the acidity is entirely neutralized, so it has a mild, non-bitter taste rich with warm earthy chocolate flavors. It can be used in ice cream, devils food cakes, marbled cakes, cookies, frostings, truffles, cupcakes, hot chocolate drinks, and fudges. It blends especially well with hazelnut and other nutty flavors.

Ingredients: Alkalized Black Cocoa Powder
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: I am curious what brand this cocoa powder is? Is this something you create in house, or is it sourced from somewhere? If so, where is it sourced from? Trying to find ingredients for a product for a website and don't want to buy a bunch of the same sourcing. Thanks!
A: This cocoa powder is manufactured by Noel and imported from France.

Q: What are the ingredients
A: The only ingredient listed is Alkalized Black Cocoa Powder.

Q: does the black cocoa powder come unsweetend? or do you have unsweetend black cocoa powder for sale?
A: This cocoa powder is not sweetened. The only ingredient is alkalized black cocoa powder.


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