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Glucose Syrup for Confectionary Use

Glucose Syrup for Confectionary Use

from Italy by Pastry 1
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Glucose Syrup for Confectionary Use

Used as an ingredient in many preparations, Glucose Syrup prevents crystallization while cooking sugar, croquembouche, nougatine, pulled sugar flowers, etc. It stabilizes ice cream, controls its sweetness, controls freezing point and provides improved mouthfeel and creaminess.
Ingredients: Glucose syrup.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is there any way to know if the corn and/or wheat is GMO-free?
A: The specification sheet marks the product as GMO free.

Q: Can this glucose be used for mirror glaze ???
A: It's not recommended to use this item for mirror glaze. Here are mirror glaze that we have in stock: 

Q: Is Glucose Syrup a sweetener? Is it used as a sweetener?
A: Yes, the Glucose Syrup is a sweetener. It also enhances the flavor and volume, it improves the color, texture, flavor and stability of many foods. It prevents sugar from crystallizing and is therefore used in the candy and confectionery industries.

Q: How long does high maltose glucose syrup, once opened, last for before it's no longer usable?
A: Once opened the Glucose Syrup will last for up to 3 weeks.

Q: What is the starting ingredient for this Glucose Syrup? Corn? Wheat? Rice? Cassava?
A: The Glucose Syrup is derived from corn and wheat.

Q: Is this product gluten free?
A: Glucose syrup is very highly processed and purified, so there is no significant gluten content in the final product.

Q: What is the specific gravity or Plato or Brix of the Glucose Syrup? Looking to use in brewing. Thanks, Jellyman
A: This measures ~70 brix (DE- 44.0).

Q: I am looking for a low DE corn syrup (low conversion syrup), what is the grade on this one?
A: It is DE- 44.0.


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