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Tart Shells: A Must-Have for Delicious Entertaining

by Gourmet Food World
Tart Shells: A Must-Have for Delicious Entertaining | Gourmet Food World

Flaky and buttery with just the right amount of crunch, tart shells are the unsung heroes behind so many of our favorite foods and preparations. The foundation for both sweet and savory; pastry shells are just as, if not more important than the fillings themselves. They must be sturdy yet tender, rich and buttery but not overwhelming. In short, a great pastry crust must be perfection itself, and that’s just what you’ll find among our range of tart shells on Gourmet Food World!


A well-made tart is quite a treat. And thanks to its endless versatility, it can become the foundation for satisfying your sweet tooth in your next tasty dessert or transform into a savory bite of bliss. Within our range of tart crusts, you’ll find sweet, savory, and neutral options perfect for taking you wherever your culinary imaginings lead you.


Some of our favorite sweet options include our chocolate, graham cracker, and vanilla-infused tart shells. Between the three of these delicious crusts, there’s literally no end of sweet directions you can go. From rich chocolate ganache to sweet chantilly cream and fresh fruit, you’ll have an array of desserts that will be both a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

sweet tart shells


As easily as the tart becomes a delicious dessert, it can also become an excellent bite of savory goodness. Herb-infused tart shells, flaky filo cups, or mini bouchees: the range of tasty options are unlimited. We love to add luxurious foie gras to our premium pastry, aromatic cheeses, or buttery seafood; to create gourmet appetizers and canapes.

caviar tart shells

Outsourcing Your Pastry

While we can all appreciate the manifold virtues of a good tart shell, anyone who’s ever made a couple hundred of them for a large party or holiday gathering knows the intense time and labor commitment they require. Not to mention the valuable kitchen real estate they take up in the process. Pastry making is a true labor of love, and like most “labors,” it can be extremely time-consuming. Many (from the professional chef to the home cook) opt to outsource the making of their pie and tart shells. So whether you’re short on time or perhaps your baking skills aren’t quite up to tackling homemade crusts yet: the store-bought route is often the best solution.

There aren’t many pastry crusts that can rival the flavor or quality of the ones we offer on GFW. There are, however, a few tricks that professional pastry chefs swear by to enhance pre-made pastry and ensure they get the same rich flavor and flaky texture provided by from-scratch crusts.

Look for “All-Butter” Crusts

When looking to purchase pastry shells, give careful attention to the ingredient list. Be sure it’s short, easy to read, and contains real butter, preferably as its only fat source. While lard can add a great flavor and hydrogenated oils are easy to work with, nothing beats what butter can provide. Getting 100% butter crusts will lead to richer flavor, better browning, and a flakier texture.

Here are three of our favorites:

Mini Round Sweet Vanilla Tartelettes

Round Sweet Tartelettes

4 Inch Pastry Shells

Choose a Reputable Brand

It’s tempting to reach for generic brands when shopping at the store to save a little money, and many times they are a perfectly good substitute. However, when it comes to pastry we highly recommend buying a brand name you trust. When purchasing online from Gourmet Food World, we provide a range of only the best gourmet food producers on the market. This allows our customers to easily compare prices and save money while knowing you’re getting a high-caliber product that will provide the quality they expect.

Add Moisture and Texture

While the excellent qualities and convenience of pre-made pastry cannot be understated, there are a couple of techniques when preparing them to maximize their best characteristics. Because the shells are pre-formed and packaged, they can dry out, especially if you wait a while to use them. We recommend using something to add moisture back in. Our favorite method is, you guessed it, butter! Brush melted butter on your tart shells, and if you really want to up the ante, sprinkle with a little finely crushed cookies (we like buttery shortbread). This trick quickly adds moisture and provides a little extra texture, perfect for creamy fillings like chocolate mousse or lemon curd. Another great way to do this is with a cream wash and sprinkle of turbinado sugar.

So whether you’re going the sweet or savory route, if you’re looking for a truly great pre-made pastry crust, look no further than Gourmet Food World’s premium selection of tart crusts.

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