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Your Guide to the Best Grilled Seafood this Summer

by Gourmet Food World
Your Guide to the Best Grilled Seafood this Summer | Gourmet Food World

It’s Summertime, and we’re practically at the height of the backyard barbecue season. While the delights of a slab of ribs are manifold and the site of a juicy marinated chicken thigh makes our heart palpitate, there is nothing quite so Summery as a perfectly grilled fish. While almost all seafood can be grilled certain varieties of fish; and crustaceans fare best.

At Gourmet Food World, we dove into the specifics so you know the best catch to throw on the grill. So get your grates scraped and sparkling and make this Summer the tastiest yet!




The steak of the sea Swordfish is one of the “meatiest” filets you can get. Mild and clean with a buttery finish, this fish is sure to please every palate. Excellent when paired with a simple herb marinade or garnished with a citrus tartar sauce, the versatility of the Swordfish knows no bounds. Firm and easy to handle on the grill, place your swordfish fillets down with abandon, flipping and serving to your heart's content.




Perhaps the most popular fish in the United States, Tuna comes in many forms, but a fresh filet is by far its tastiest. Bursting with flavor, go easy on the seasonings with this incredible fish. A sprinkling of salt and pepper, a whisper of wasabi, or perhaps a few drops of fresh lemon juice is all you need to take tuna from great to fantastic!

While overseasoning is no small error one even worse would be the crime of overcooking it. No more than two minutes on each side before flipping to create the perfect evenly cooked filet.




If you haven’t tried shrimp on the grill yet, you’re in for a treat! Quick and easy to prepare, it’s the perfect weeknight meal, but the results will make everyone think you’d been slaving over dinner all afternoon!

Always start with the freshest shrimp you can find. Jumbo and Colossal sizes are the best choices for the grill as they sit nicely on the grates, while smaller ones tend to fall through. For the most flavorful results, we like to shell and devein the shrimp before marinating. Then use a skewer to make grilling fast and easy.




Flaky, pink, and utterly delicious, where would our list be without Salmon? Not quite as meaty as Tuna steaks or Swordfish, you need to handle Salmon with a bit more care.

You can cook them as is, being sure to place them skin side down. Or wrap them in foil to make easy-to-handle Salmon packets. Grilling over cedar planks is another delicious option and gives one a little insurance in case of any accidents.

As to flavor companions, Salmon is as versatile as they come. Great, with hearty flavors like peanut, they can handle anything from a spicy rub to a simple lemon pepper garnish. No matter the flavor or the sides, you’ll love the way grilling brings out the intrinsic sweetness of this delicious fish.

Red Snapper



A particularly good fish for grilling, the Red Snapper offers meaty white flesh that stands up well to grilling, especially when prepared whole. While this may sound like a formidable task (especially to those not used to grilling fish), cooking them whole makes it easier. The skin holds everything together beautifully and prevents the fish from drying out, making it perfect for the uninitiated. If you’re still hesitant, use a grilling basket to banish the last of your doubts.




Boiling or steaming may be the most popular methods for preparing these crustaceans, but at Gourmet Food World, throwing our lobsters on the grill is the preferred method. Grilling whole lobster is surprisingly easy. Bring out the natural sweetness of your delicious lobster over the flames.

Be sure to kill the lobster immediately before cooking to preserve its freshness. While they may look big, count on at least one 1-pound lobster per person. Believe us, after your guests take their first bite, you’ll be glad you bought extra.

Helpful Tips and Techniques

Get your fish smelling sweet and fresh by soaking it in a solution of cold salt-vinegar water with a generous amount of ice mixed in. This combination eradicates any overly fishy aroma and imparts a quality to the fish that will have your guests thinking you’d just caught it yourself. Be sure to dry off well before placing them over the flames: then cook your fillets to perfection.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: always be sure to grill your fresh fish skin-side down (if your filet has skin). Cook until the skin is crisp and crumbly, then flip to finish to your perfect level of doneness.

When preparing fish to grill, we recommend a citrus marinade, blackening seasoning, or the tried and true combination of salt and pepper. Keeping things simple when it comes to seasoning allows the delicate fresh flavors of your fish to shine through! If you’re adamant about bringing a little heat to your dishes, spicy bulgogi plays well with almost any fish.

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