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Discovering American Artisanal Cheese Makers

by Gourmet Food World
Discovering American Artisanal Cheese Makers

An introduction to America's best artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers. At Gourmet Food World we take pride on working with America's best and most innovative cheesemakers and diary farms. Discover artisan, organic cheeses, made from cow, goat, sheep and even buffalo milk, on our very own farms. Small family owned enterprises, melding old traditional recipes with new techniques, the perfect marriage of what makes America great.



Located in beautiful Sonoma County, California, Bohemian Creamery's cheeses have nothing to envy to the best fromages in France. This innovative and creative artisan creamery specializes in unique selections, especially goat's milk cheeses, but also cow, sheep and buffalo milk. They use organic milk whenever possible, choosing processes that minimally impact the environment, and produce their cheese in small, carefully supervised batches. Their selection includes creative and creatively-named cow, goat and sheep's milk cheeses, like Bodacious, a fresh goat's milk cheese with a bloomy rind, and the asiago-style Capriago, perfect with Sonoma County's pinots. 

Bohemian Creamery Artisan Cheeses

Above: Bodacious and Capriago cheeses, from Bohemian Creamery.



The best cheeses in the country are aged under the masterful watch and the know-how of the affineurs at the Cellars at Jasper Hill. Jasper Hill Farms in Vermont is both a creamery and an aging facility - The Cellars at Jasper Hill - with large maturing caves. The Cellars at Jasper Hill specializes in the affineur process, aging and finishing the cheeses for other incredible cheese makers, like Landaff, Cabbot cheddar and others, but they also have some delicious original cheese creations like decadent and uber-creamy Harbinson and the brie-like Moses Sleeper.

Jasper Hill Farms Artisan Cheeses

Above: Harbinson and Moses Sleeper Cheeses, From Jasper Hill Farms.

Shop The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farms cheeses and Jasper Hill Farms cheeses


One of the most well-known and innovative dairies and creameries in the United States, Cypress Grove Chevre was founded by  self-made cheese maker Mary Keehne, in beautifully lush and verdant Humboldt Country, California. Starting with two goats, Mary developed the award-winning Humboldt Fog cheese, a luscious chevre, and from there expanded into a model dairy set in 36 acres, with a 100% score from the American Humane Certification and a superb selection of some of America's best goat cheeses: Bermuda Triangle, truffle-dotted Truffle Tremor, Midnight Moon and many others.

Cypress Grove Artisan Cheeses

Humboldt Fog, Bermuda Triangle and Truffle Tremor cheeses, from Cypress Grove.

Shop CYPRESS GROVE cheeses.


Run by college sweethearts Julie and Tony Hook, Hook's Cheese produces some of the best cheeses in the United States. Wisconsin is known for its dairy, and the folks at Hook's Cheese Company have definitely made the most of this white liquid gold. The husband and wife team of Julie and Tony Hook met in college, and their love of good cheese set them on a cheese-making adventure 40 years ago, culminating in Hook's Cheese Co., a model cheese making enterprise that produces over 50 varieties of delicious cheeses, with milk sourced from select local producers in Wisconsin. Their award-winning Colby was named Finest Cheese in the World at the 1982 World Cheese Championship, and today they offer prize-winning Cheddar, plus some fabulous blue cheeses, like the lauded "Little Boy Blue".



An artisan cheese-making enterprise from Central Point, Oregon, Rogue Creamery has produced some astounding, award-winning cheeses in the last 10 years, when the enterprise changed owners. Owned and run by locals, Rogue Creamery handcrafts several incredible cheddar, blue cheeses like Rogue River Blue - the first blue cheese made in the West Coast - and other selections following traditional European techniques. The milk is sourced from local farmers and dairies, organic when possible, from animals that are primarily pasture-grazed. Their efforts really culminated in 2008, when Rogue Creamery became the first American artisan cheese makers to export raw milk cheese to Europe.

Shop ROGUE CREAMERY cheeses.


Located in the hills of the White Mountains of rustic New Hampshire, Landaff is one of the rare artisan farmstead cheese companies – they make their cheeses with the milk from their own farm, Springvale Farms. This guarantees quality control from udder to wheel. Their story begins with a milk farm and a family’s need to revitalize it. Doug Erb, second-generation of Springvale Farm, studied cheese making at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, and went on to work in Somerset, England, making the famed Caerphilly cheese. Besides Landaff, they also produce award-winning Kingsman Ridge Cheese (a French-style tomme) and Agri-Mark/Cabot cheese. Landaff is a raw milk, mild semi firm, cave-aged at the Cellars at Jasper Hill.


Bohemian Creamery Artisan Cheeses

Above: Weybridge From Scholten Family Farm; Landaff from Landaff creamery; and Rogue River Blue from Rogue River Creamery.


The rolling green hills and nature-loving tradition of Vermont seem ripe for the creation of artisan foods. Scholten Family Farm is, as its name well states, a family-run farm and creamery in Weybridge where they produce the cheese of the same name Weybridge cheese. They use the organic pasteurized milk from their rare Dutch Belt and Holstein cows to craft this delicate and mild bloomy rind farmstead cheese. The cows are pasture grazed complemented with hay in the wintertime. The cheese is then aged under the careful eye of the experts at Jasper Hill cellars. The whole operation is family run, with the owners Patty and Roger Scholten at the helm.



Branching out from all those Vermont and New Hampshire dairies and going into the heart of America we discover Capriole, located in Indiana, amongst verdant rolling hills and the Ohio river. Judy Schad and husband Larry bought the property in the 70s, but later realized that the farm has belonged to Larry’s family generations back. They amassed a herd of friendly organic goats, and started developing what would later become award-winning goat cheeses like ash-infused Sofia, the crottin style Wabash Cannonball and O’Banon, a French chevre wrapped in bourbon-soaked chestnut leaves. Truly one of the pioneers of American artisan cheese-making.

Bohemian Creamery Artisan Cheeses

Above: Sofia Ashed Cheese, Wabash Cannonball and O'Banon, from Capriole.

Shop CAPRIOLE cheeses.

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