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The Breakfast Gifts and Foods Collection

Whether you love to start your morning with buttery croissants, a healthy nut-filled grain bowl, or some succulent bacon and sausages, our breakfast gifts and foods collections has exactly what you need. We picked our most delicious breakfast items for you to savor all in one place. Discover French butter croissants, dried fruit to mix with your yogurt, and other breakfast greats. 
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Lavender Honey
from France by Gabriel Peronmeny
French Lavender Honey is a light golden amber, creamy, raw honey from lavender fields in bloom.
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French Almond Macaroons - French Favorites
from France by French Gourmet
These French almond macaroons include 6 separate flavors of chocolate, white chocolate, apricot, lemon, pistachio and raspberry. Order French macaroons online today!

Fig Spread - Original
from United States by Dalmatia
Hand-picked sweet Adriatic figs, sun-dried and cooked to perfection.
Clotted Cream
from United Kingdom by Devon Cream Company
A rich and sweet cream that's fabulous spread over freshly-made scones, English muffins and fresh fruit.
Beurre de Baratte Demi-Sel - Salted
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier

Handcrafted with traditional European methods, this butter is a creamy delicacy not to be missed!

Burrata Alla Panna
from United States by Di Stefano
A sweet and fresh burrata of cow's milk mozzarella filled with Italian cream and stracciatella
Chocolate Croissants (Pain au Chocolat) - 3.25 oz, Frozen, Unbaked
from United States by French Gourmet
Pain au Chocolate perfect for breakfast or snacks. Crispy croissant with a chocolate center. 
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Valrhona Cocoa Powder
from France by Valrhona
100% pure cocoa for baking and rich hot chocolate.
Coconut - Shredded, Fresh, Sweetened
from Philippines by Gourmet Imports
Grated coconut, sweetened to enhance pure tropical coconut flavors, ideal for desserts and baked goods.
Fig Jam
from Spain by Mitica
A deliciously sweet marmalade made of Spanish Pajarero figs.
Fresh Goat Cheese
from United States by Capriole
An airy, rich and bright fresh goat cheese log from Capriole Creamery in Indiana, perfect for a cheese board and cooking.
Dried Currants
from United States by Gourmet Imports
Tiny little raisins, Zante currants are sweet Black Corinthian grapes from Greece. 
Chestnut Honey - In Crock
from Spain by Mitica
A lovely and intensely flavored honey from the mountains of Asturias.
Comte Gruyere - AOC
from France by Bande Verte
A classic French cheese that should be a staple in all kitchens.
Butter Logs Salted with Fleur de Sel de Guerande - 83%
from United States by Beurremont
A superbly creamy, ultra-rich butter made in the traditional European method, seasoned with sea salt.
Lemon Pillow, Almond Bear Claw, Bluberry Pocket - 1.25 oz
by Café PK
Mixed pack of unbaked pastry deserts with lemon, almond, and blueberry fillings. Makes a sweet, quick, and simple dessert.
Pure Acacia Honey - Raw Honey
from France by Mas des Abeilles
A sweet golden honey with vanilla and floral notes.
Lemon Pillow, Almond Bear Claw, Bluberry Pocket - 1.25 oz
by Café PK
Mixed pack of unbaked croissant desserts with cinnamon, apple, and chocolate fillings. Quick, sweet, and simple desserts.
Dried Pineapple Rings
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Ultra sweet, fresh, tropical Dried Pineapple Rings from Thailand.
Pajarero Fig Jam
from Spain by Mitica
Sweet Pajarero fig jam with a hint of lemon blossom honey.
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from Italy by Gourmet Imports
An ancient Italian grain with a firm texture and nutty flavor.
Walnuts in Lemon Honey
from Spain by Mitica
A delicious and simple combination of meaty walnuts with golden lemon honey.
Wild Boar Bacon
from United States by Broadleaf
High in protein, low in fat, this wild boar bacon is smoky, bold and nutty-sweet
Dried Mangos
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Dried mango is a sweet and tropical dried fruit popular in Southeast Asian and South American cultures.
Butter Logs Lightly Salted
from United States by Vermont Butter & Cheese

Silky and smooth cultured butter logs made with traditional European techniques and ready to spread over your favorite breads, pastries and baked treats.

from India by Gourmet Imports
An ancient grain, high in protein, suitable for gluten-free diets.
Chocolate Croissant (Pain au Chocolat) - 1.25 oz, Frozen, Unbaked
by French Gourmet
Frozen, unbaked, croissant dough with a rich chocolate center.
Quinoa - Organic
by Gourmet Imports
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