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Aged Balsamic Vinegar Tradizionale from Reggio Emilia - Silver Seal - 50 year
from Italy by San Giacomo
A luxurious vinegar, aged for over 50 years in seven different types of wooden casks.
Anchovy Filets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from Italy by Scalia
For the anchovy lovers among us, this 24oz can is more than enough to feed the whole family and then some!
Valrhona Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste - 50%
from France by Valrhona
Made from roasted hazelnuts and almonds, this praline paste brings nutty, sweet crunchiness to your creations.
Organic White Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
A bright, deeply complex artisanalwhite wine vinegar produced from local organic Malvasia wine grapes in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Agro Di Mosto Balsamic Condiment
from Italy by San Giacomo
A young balsamic condiment with lots of fragrance and a pleasant balance of tart and sweet.
Osetra Baerii Siberian Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Italy by Markys
A superb sustainable caviar with firm glossy eggs that deliver a beautifully smooth, earthy flavor.
Carnaroli Rice - (Risotto Rice)
from Italy by Riso Roncaia
A medium-grain Italian rice that keeps its shape and makes a superbly creamy risotto.
Noel Hazelnut Praline Paste - 60%
from France by Noel
A rich and smooth hazelnut paste to use in buttercream, mousse, ganache and more.
Spaghetti Pasta
from Italy by Molino e Pastificio
Delicious pasta for the Italian region of Switzerland made with high-quality, Non-GMO ingredients in their century old mill and pasta factory.
Organic Red Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
With a bright acidity and natural sweetness, this fine vinegar from organic Lambrusco wine grapes will add depth and complexity to any marinade.
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Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Compote
from Italy by Casa Forcello
A smooth, sweet and thick compote of strawberries with fine Italian Balsamic vinegar.
Balsamic Vinegar
from United States by Sparrow Lane
Foodservice size. A young balsamic vinegar from Napa Valley in California.
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Taralli Crackers - Classic
from Italy by Mitica
Crunchy, dense and richly flavored, Italian Taralli are the perfect snack, and the perfect companion to cheese plates or antipasto.
Flower Honey
from France by Brover
A 100% natural golden honey from France, smooth and light and delicately flavored, in a large format for the best value and quality.
Vermicelli Pasta
from Italy by Molino e Pastificio
Nutty, firm, and flavorful pasta made with fresh mountain spring water and raw, non-GMO ingredients in the mountains of Switzerland.
Aceto di Birra - Craft Beer Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
This rich malt vinegar made from artisan Italian beer is complex and deeply flavorful, perfect to serve with fish and chips!
Granulated Calabrian Chili Peppers - Dried
from United States by D'Allesandro
Spicy and warm Calabrian chile peppers will add vibrant flavor and color to a multitude of dishes.
Fennel Taralli - Italian Traditional Style Crackers
from Italy by Mitica
These ring-shaped fennel-infused Italian crackers add that perfect crunch to any meal.
Lou Bergier Pichin
from Italy by La Fattorie Fiandino
An exquisite Toma-style Italian cow's milk cheese filled with fresh flavors.
Red Wine Vinegar - Junipper Barrel Aged
from Italy by San Giacomo
A special edition red wine vinegar aged in Juniper barrels for an intense, deep flavor with notes of incense and spice.
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Italian Style Lamb Sausage
from United States by Broadleaf
Mildly piquant with all the bold flavor of Italian sausage, you’ll love this lamb interpretation of a classic favorite.
Aceto Da Amphora - White Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
A fruity, citrusy and sweet artisan fine white wine vinegar from Gerganega grapes, aged in clay amphora.
Timorasso Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
A luxurious Italian white wine vinegar made from one of Italy's most iconic white wines, Azzienda Massa's Timorasso.
Red Wine Vinegar - 6 Years Reserve
from Italy by San Giacomo
A rich and complex red wine vinegar aged in oak barrels for six years, with intense aromas and notes of fine brandy.
Italian White Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set
from Italy by Markys
Osetra Baerii Siberian Caviar Gift Set
from Italy by Markys
2 ounces of caviar, a pack of 36 mini blinis, crème fraiche and an optional serving spoon
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Prosciutto Speciale - Sliced
from United States by Casella
A gorgeous authentic Prosciutto made in America following the techniques of Italy's itinerant butchers, the norcini.
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